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» My forevr fav.

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Category: Entertainment  |  Duration: 03:47 min

From: suru_thecancer |  Added on: Mar 11, 2013

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» Comments   [ Total: 17 ]

earmarkedfortrouble said:


Posted on: May 26, '13

suru_thecancer said:

sanchi di agar aap vote denge to century votes ki hogi
jo iss video ko diye gye h... :))

Posted on: May 26, '13

vicky8744 said:


Posted on: May 26, '13

goodsouls said:

lovely song

Posted on: May 26, '13

friendshipzone2005 said:

behatarin song

Posted on: March 23, '13

vicky14CAP said:

very very nice song......

Posted on: March 18, '13

im_pathik said:

they show the face some where at the end.. but i cud not recognize..

looking more like kabir bedi but he wasn't there then...

certainly an unglamorous face..

but now that you asked i will keep an eye for it..

Posted on: March 12, '13

Sweetfriend13 said:

Very nice one. .

Posted on: March 12, '13

chd8998 said:

excellant number dear

Posted on: March 12, '13

hunterjet101 said:

Beautiful song !!

Posted on: March 12, '13

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