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» sanju baba

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Category: Bollywood  |  Duration: 07:50 min

From: suru_thecancer |  Added on: Mar 30, 2013

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» Comments   [ Total: 11 ]

paviMAN said:

Very good song

Posted on: December 11, '14

vizaysexena said:

So simple nice song

Posted on: April 07, '13

vicky14CAP said:

very nice....bilkul maaf karni chahiye.....sanju baba is no terrorist......he deserves full mercy...

Posted on: April 02, '13

Sweetfriend13 said:

Nice song. .

Posted on: April 01, '13

agra9837CAP said:

I like sanjay as an actor.but i also respect suprim court

Posted on: March 31, '13

hunterjet101 said:

Thanks for sharing nice song, Suru ...even I have always liked Sanjay Dutt as an actor, but thinking of Law, Legal System and equality .... We should let the law take its recourse. Its going to open a pandora's box if we let emotions prevail !

Posted on: March 31, '13

Sanjeev_Bahuguna said:

nice song....
thanks frnd for sharing......
is bare me kuch bhi kahna thik nahi hoga because kafi imotional matter hai....
bekar me bat ka batangar ban jayega.......

Posted on: March 30, '13

vicky8744 said:

maf karna chahiye.

hmmm nice shrng,
Sanju baba hit song ^_*

Posted on: March 30, '13

Anan-Anand said:

hum tere been reh nahi paate....

tum nahi aate toh hum mar jaate...

nice song....

thanx suru

Posted on: March 30, '13

RaJaHinDUustanii said:

sanju baba surviving for 20 years, aur jo yahan hai usko yahan ki sarkar pareshan kar rahi hai, aur jo bhaag gaya yahan se uko pakadne mein nani yaad aa rahi hai.....2 kodi ki sarkar

Posted on: March 30, '13

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Uploaded by suru_thecancer
[suruchi sharma]