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» Lambi Judaai -Menakshi Sheshadri - Song

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Category: Bollywood  |  Duration: 04:45 min

From: suru_thecancer |  Added on: May 31, 2013

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» Comments   [ Total: 12 ]

sona43 said:

tx for sharin,...this is my

Posted on: June 06, '13

nadhy said:

thanks to share this song nice

Posted on: June 06, '13

vicky14CAP said:

lovely song

Posted on: June 05, '13

im_pathik said:

the producer was a punjabi and this song was haunting him so for this movie he called reshma from pakistan..

it has a feeling and that is why it is still ALIVE.

Posted on: June 03, '13

vicky8744 said:

Nice 1 suru Ji

Posted on: June 03, '13

earmarkedfortrouble said:


Posted on: June 03, '13

Sweetfriend13 said:

Very nice. . .

Posted on: June 03, '13

Sanjeev_Bahuguna said:

good one....
thanks frnd.....

Posted on: June 02, '13

hunterjet101 said:

Nice one !

Posted on: June 02, '13

suru_thecancer said:

Iska matlab tum gaana sunte nhi ho...
kaan me chala gya to theek nhi to jai Ram ji ki

Posted on: June 02, '13

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Uploaded by suru_thecancer
[suruchi sharma]