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» Keep MöVïñG :)

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Category: Bollywood  |  Duration: 04:15 min

From: suru_thecancer |  Added on: Mar 19, 2014

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» Comments   [ Total: 15 ]

TiwariMinan said:

Suru Ji Beautiful song, we all family love
this song, I was in college when I saw this
movie, Good old days in India, miss it ....
thanks for sharing, mrs.tiwari ask me to post
this video on fropper but you post it first, thanks !!

Posted on: March 27, '14


वो हुस्न के जलवे हों या इश्क़ की आवाज़ें
आज़ाद परिंदों की रुकती नही परवाज़ें
जाते हुए क़दमों से आते हुए क़दमों से
भारी रहेगी रहगुज़ार जो हम गये तो कुछ नही
इक रास्ता है ज़िंदगी ...

कर्ण प्रिय गाना...

Posted on: March 20, '14

samba_84 said:

Nice song..

Posted on: March 20, '14

vicky14CAP said:

lovely song

Posted on: March 20, '14

vicky8744 said:

suru Ji_ lovely song__:))

Posted on: March 20, '14

hunterjet101 said:

Spell-bound !!!!

Posted on: March 19, '14

samba_84 said:

Lovely song..

Posted on: March 19, '14

BK2012 said:

Nice song , चलना ही जिन्दगी है........

Posted on: March 19, '14

hans300 said:

superb sharing..
5 stars for ur choice !!!
khush raho !!!

Posted on: March 19, '14

anjalijovial said:

wahwah.. lovely.. lalalala song re dearie. osm badawala thnks. lalal:) hwru??
kabhi mukda tho dikade sweety:) hehe

Posted on: March 19, '14

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