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» _v | c K Y_ y0 y0 Honey Singh - Lungi Dance

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Category: Bollywood  |  Duration: 03:32 min

From: vicky8744 |  Added on: Aug 17, 2013

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» Comments   [ Total: 14 ]

vicky8744 said:


Posted on: September 02, '13

PRINCEXchao said:

yo yo jeena sirf lungi pungi k liye ...vicky d grt

.Coconut mein Lassi mila ke
Aa jao saare mood banake

Posted on: September 01, '13

Prabir69 said:


Posted on: August 24, '13

RaJaHinDUustanii said:

rajni sir ji is best :)

Posted on: August 17, '13

vicky8744 said:

Video open hoga try later :)

Posted on: August 17, '13

vicky8744 said:

King Khan
Yo Yo Honey Singh
Moonchon ko thoda round ghumake
Anna ke jaise chasma laga ke
Coconut mein Lassi mila ke
Aa jao saare mood banake (x1)
All the Rajni fans…
Don’t miss the chance…
Lungi dance Lungi dance Lungi dance (x3) :-D

Posted on: August 17, '13

anjalijovial said:

uhuhuhu.. no open huying jee vicly yaaroo jee.((sad

Posted on: August 17, '13

Pritzz9 said:

superb one

Posted on: August 17, '13

Shaheen1993 said:

very nice, Thanks for sharing to me

Posted on: August 17, '13

Sumi1966 said:

Nice sharing Vicky

Posted on: August 17, '13

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