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» ┻υ ι ς κ γ┻ y0 y0 h0ney Singh - Chaa...

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Category: Music  |  Duration: 03:50 min

From: vicky8744 |  Added on: Mar 04, 2014

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» Comments   [ Total: 11 ]

vicky8744 said:


Posted on: March 14, '14

Premvijay2011TAU said:

Can't move my eyes away from Sunny Leone's figure. So this is the song that paid him Rs. 70 Lakhs.

Posted on: March 13, '14

vicky8744 said:

He He He He He

Thank you___ Bro____ ^_*

Posted on: March 08, '14

Naughty_S_A_R_A said:

1 botal vodka:D

Posted on: March 05, '14

Pritzz9 said:

wah wah .........yo yo

Posted on: March 04, '14

Prabir69 said:


Posted on: March 04, '14

samba_84 said:

Lovely song..

Posted on: March 04, '14

vicky8744 said:

y0 y0 h0ney ^_*

Posted on: March 04, '14

vicky8744 said:

Chaar bottle vodka
Kaam mera roz ka
Na mujhko koi roke
Na kisi ne roka..] x 2

Chaar bottle vodka
Saari raat daaru, subah nimbu paani
Party karne waalon ki hai yehi kahaani
Pet bhar ke jitni bhi pee lo
Kisi ki bandi ko bhi harr lo
Hello baby how do you do?
Ek minute ko khad jaa tu
Pata ni mujhe yeh samajh ni aata
Mere saath kabhi koi club nai aata
Apne palle se koi ni pilaata
Main pee loon zyaada
Phir koi munh ni lagaata
Kyun ki, kyun ki, kyun ki, kyun ki

Chaar bottle vodka..

Posted on: March 04, '14

anjalijovial said:


Posted on: March 04, '14

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