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» ┻υ ι ς κ γ┻ y0 y0 h0ney sIngh - Brea...

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Category: Entertainment  |  Duration: 03:26 min

From: vicky8744 |  Added on: Apr 11, 2014

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vicky8744 said:

He he he he___ theek hai rahul Ji_ :D

Posted on: April 15, '14

Rahul777lip said:

na na paa ji.... uteey uteey ni...
koi tallli hokeee digg geyaa fee ki party on the air.....
ithee aajoo mere kamre vich, koi ni haigaa....
chips haigee mere kol, tussi RC lekee ayioo... yo yo wurrah hahahaa

Posted on: April 12, '14

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