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» Books i referred for first year MBBS

Posted on: Mar 14, '07, 7:31 pm
By Madhyastha from Bangalore, India

hi, in first year there was a whole lot of sonfusion among the students as to which books to read from and how to go about it. This topic is hlp first year students out. These following points are just suggestions and not rules to be successful and are aimed at average students like me.

1) MBBS is not difficult its as simple and easy as any other proffesional course there is nothing to panic about

2) During exams its almost imposssible to revise the whole thing so i strongly suggest to do only previous years question paper.

3) Books (according to RGUHS)

Anatomy: Chaurasia, Singi yatiraj (dutta and gray's anatomy is only for PG students)

Physiology: Shambulingam and singi yatiraj (my friends love this book but i am not a very big fan esp in physio

Biochemistry: Sathyanarayan and first aid to Bio chemistry ( i cleared biochemistry by just reading first aid but i dont recommend that since its too risky)

Preparation takes atleat 2 months and this includes atleast two revisions. Dont get carried away by your friend's preparation, be calm and composed and sleep well during the exams.

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Posted on: Aug 03, '13, 4:12 pm
By ankita7078 from hyderabad, India

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Posted on: Mar 21, '12, 4:43 pm
By chirag1645 from Mumbai, India

plz recommd me which are good books for mbbs 1st year among these-
anatomy-bd chaurasia/ak dutta/snell/gray/cunningum
physiology-sembulingum/ak jain/reddy/chaudry/mahapatra/guyton/ganong/samson wright/chatterjee
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Posted on: Feb 24, '12, 4:00 pm
By drsandypgi from Pune, India

and lippincotts for biochemistry
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Posted on: Feb 24, '12, 3:59 pm
By drsandypgi from Pune, India

anatomy bd chaurasia or dutta both of them are good
physiology ganong or ak jain( pls DO NOT READ SHAMBULINGAM!!!!
biochemistry vasudevan
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Posted on: Feb 02, '12, 8:51 pm
By chirag7299 from Mumbai, India

which books to refer for mbbs 1st year among these above- anatomy-bd chaurasia ak dutta or grays anatomy.
physiology-sembulingum,ak jain,chaudary,prakasam reddy,mahapatra,ganong or guyton. biocemistry-satnarayan,vasudevan,harper or lippincot.
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Posted on: Feb 02, '12, 8:46 pm
By chirag7299 from Mumbai, India

which books u recommend to refer for mbbs 1st year from above books- anatomy-bd chaursia, ak dutta vol-123. general anatomy-bd chaurasia, ak dutta embryology-ib singh. histology-ib singh, difore atlas. neuroanatomy-ib singh. practical- cunningum mannual, netter atlas. physiology-sembulingum.
biochemistry-satyanarana text, essential of biochemistry by satyanaran.
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Posted on: Aug 19, '11, 3:23 pm
By KalpsBang from Bangalore, India

Hi Madhyastha,
Can you let us know where you got your first year books - Rguhs, MBBS.
You can call me on 9980355449 or send me your number to
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Posted on: Jul 24, '09, 1:44 pm
By paani2 from mumbai, India

please reply soon
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Posted on: Jul 23, '09, 5:39 pm
By paani2 from mumbai, India

helllo i m goin to enter in first year mbbs , i hav some doubts to be cleared
1. as i m goin to study outside india i do hav histology instead of biochemistry so pl. list author for this subject .

2. as uptill now being in teachers use to help a lot and also teach the entire syllabus but now the syllabus has increased and is more in depth so do we hav to study by reading all the books on our own ???

3. the mbbs course is considered the prestigious as it is difficult since it is regarding the total human being ,so what habbit should the student make in order to get succes in the course
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Posted on: Jul 08, '09, 11:58 am
By vinuta2009 from hubli, India

hi...i got 71 rank in cet medical n seat in KIMS,hubli as i wanted.can u pl suggest me some books for the first year mbbs.r the books u suggested in the last topic enough?
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Posted on: Jun 12, '07, 10:50 am
By GOUTHAM6066 from visakhapatnam, India

YEAH;i've seen yr msg. we too read chaurasia for anatomy
but i read A K JAIN for physio.wat do u think?
i read VASUDEVAN for biochem.
got exams in another 2 months.
i'm from PSIMS&RF
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