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» Love

Posted on: Feb 01, '09, 9:32 pm
By Delicious2008 from Pune, India

Do u think love is blind?

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Posted on: Apr 22, '09, 10:51 am
By sagar1569 from Pune, India

when we grow up ,understand , i think it is not blind..many things can be shared in love.
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Posted on: Feb 02, '09, 9:50 pm
By MYGANG2006 from Parbhani, India

i think love is only a teenage attrction
when dis attraction ends love too ends
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Posted on: Feb 02, '09, 8:45 pm
By sonu0705 from Pune, India

Yes it is.
Wen in Love we just see good abt our partner n like everything but wen in a deep relation we came to know the other side also.
Sometimes some of behavior is not liked n expect other to change.
As expectations r increased both realise their BLINDNESS.

   Its all how u can understand ur partner n not take thngs granted for frm Him/ Her.

Par Jo PYAAR andha nahi wohhhh,
PYAAR ke ratte bhar gehrai ke bhi kabil nahi......!

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Posted on: Feb 01, '09, 11:05 pm
By AnGeL0S from Kolhapur, India

I believe it is.....
Luv is Blind n
Marraige is d Eye  Opener     
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