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Love Bhel puri? Start a group.
If you're passionate about Bhel puri, start a Bhel puri group. Invite frank and free discussion about it. You'd be surprised by the number of people who care deeply about this tasty thing. And before you know it, this love for Bhel puri will create a special bond between you and a lot of likeminded people. And there will be fewer strangers in this world.

But we're watching, so keep it clean please. You're free to discuss the mating habits of Bhel puri eaters, but no indecent pictures. And you can't start a Bhel puri group just to advertise your auntie's Bhel puri stall.

We call them authenticated groups. This means real people, real opinions, real fun.

Note: Bhel puri is just an example. You can start a group about anything, from real stars to film stars.