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» General  [ Expand All ]

Write to us 1. What is all about?
2. Is this a free site or do I have to pay for the service?
3. What are the services offered on
4. How do I register on
5. I am an existing member of Do I have to register again?
6. How do I log on to
7. How do I access Fropper (Relationships) from

» Games  [ Expand All ]

1. What kind of computer and Internet connection do I need to play the games?
2. Why cannot I view or play any games?
3. What is ActiveX? Is it harmful to download it on my machine?
4. Why am I being asked to download Java? Why am I being asked to download Flash / Shockwave players?
5. Glossary

» Photo Sharing  [ Expand All ]

1. How many photos can I upload?
2. Do you have a premium account for a greater upload limit?
3. Do you guys delete photos after some time?
4. How do I upload my photos?
5. Why can't other members see the photos I uploaded?
6. How do I view photos uploaded by others?
7. Can I define privacy settings for the photos I upload?
8. How do I organize my photos?
9. Can anyone leave a comment on my photos?
10. How do I create a thumbnail of my profile photo?
11. What are Tags?
12. What is Photo Bucket?
13. How can I add photos to Photo Bucket?
14. How can I remove photos from Photo Bucket?
15. What are the different options provided in Photo Bucket?
16. How can I edit photo details for a photo using Photo Bucket?
17. How can I set same privacy settings for multiple photos using Photo Bucket?
18. How can I add common/same tags to multiple photos using Photo Bucket?
19. How can I remove common/same tags added for multiple photos using Photo Bucket?
20. How can I add multiple photos to a photo set?
21. How can I empty my Photo Bucket?

» My Zone  [ Expand All ]

1. How do I edit my personal Zone page?
2. How do I add a photograph to my Zone?
3. How do I invite my friends to
4. What are 'HITS!' on my Zone page?
5. How do I block a member?
6. How do I unblock a member?
7. How can I send a Voice scrap?
8. How do I record my Voice Scrap?
9. I have posted a Voice Scrap on my friend's Zone, but it is not displayed?
10. What audio file formats do you support for Voice Scraps?
11. Can I set the privacy for my Voice Scraps?
12. Can I decide who can view my Zone ?
13. Can I decide who can send me Scraps ?
14. Can I decide who can view my Scraps ?
15. Why do scraps in some languages like Malayalam and Bengali don’t look the way they should?

» Browse & Search  [ Expand All ]

1. How do I search for members on
2. What do you mean by Most Active Zones?
3. How do I search Photos?

» Groups  [ Expand All ]

1. What are Groups?
2. How do I create or join a group?
3. How do I edit a group I created?
4. How do I find a group?
5. How do I delete a topic from my group? (Specifically for group owners)
6. What are Public, Protected and Private groups?
7. What are authenticated groups?

» Blogs  [ Expand All ]

1. What are Blogs?
2. How are ezBlogs different from Blogs?
3. How do i create my ezBlog?
4. What are 'Public' & 'Private' ezBlogs?
5. How do I edit my ezBlog?
6. How do I post on my ezBlog?
7. What is ezMoney?
8. How does the ezMoney program work?
9. How do I use a Google AdSense account on my ezBlog?
10. How many Google AdSense ad units will be displayed in an ezBlog post?
11. How will share the ad revenue with me?
12. How do I check how much money I have earned?
13. I have more questions? What do I do?

» Fropper Chat  [ Expand All ]

1. What is a Fropper Chat?
2. Can I define privacy settings for Fropper Chat?
3. How do I search for members who are online on
4. What is Individual chat mode and Multiple chat mode?
5. How do I send a particular chat message to all my friends in one go?
6. What if a member goes offline while I am typing a chat message to him/her?
7. What can I do if someone is bothering me on Fropper Chat console?
8. How do I unblock members?
9. What is a chat blurb?

» Videos  [ Expand All ]

1. Can I upload my own videos on Fropper?
2. Can I decide who can view and comment on my Videos on Fropper?
3. What new features can I expect on Fropper Videos?