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48, Male, New Delhi, India

Member since  : Nov 3, 2009
Last visit  : Sep 5, 2011

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About me :

If I see myself truly then I find myself as a person who is full of evils and vices. What insight can I give who I am? If I pen down all the thoughts that come across my mind in a day’s time, probably I won’t be able to face many or may be any. But then I have to pose as an intelligent and charming man who has blends of civilization and suaveness, who can articulate well, who is full of varied thoughts and who is pleasing and polished. And then I realize that people call me their friend. Strange world it is!!! 

Well, here I am coming to this platform to seek true feedbacks from the great people on the forum to know my realself and to quench my thirst for some intellectual stimulus, sharing thoughts, debating issues, propagating some cause, reasoning, admiring & promoting creativity and keeping the flame of literature (Hindi Literature) alive.

Interest & Hobbies :
I like reading and writing. Hindi literature is what I like when it comes to reading. Playing with the remote of the TV is another interest. Driving is something thats pleasurable to me.

Favorite Music & Artists :
bara hi purana aur standard sa zawab hai mera ki hamein purane filmi gane, gazalein aur kuch kavvaliyan achchi lagti hain. naam ginana main samajhta hoon ki nainsafi hogi unke saath jinka naam galti se main likhna bhool jaoon. to main artists ke naam nahi likhoonga Aur waise bhi...Whats there in the name?

Favorite Books & Authors :

As fas as reding goes I can read any thing and everything. Ranging from Chacha Chowdhary to thick Russian novels, from Cosmopolitan/Star Dust  (while having my hair cut) to Outlook and similar, from politics to spiritualism, from management to cook-book and from know yourself books to Hindi Prose & poems.
All are my favourite authors. From Devki Nandan Khatri to Dharamveer Bharti, from Prasad & Mahadevi Verma to Nirala, Pant and Dinker, from Harivansh Rai Bachchan to Agyey and from Gopaldas Neeraj to Kaka Hatharasi. Who can I omit? None.

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
I am very open as far as movies are concerned, thanks to television. If the movie is not excessively bore and I have a good company I can bear it.

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Posted on: Jul 18, '11, 4:43 pm   |   11 Comment(s)
प्रणाम मित्रों .बारिश के सन्दर्भ में कुछ रोमांचक ब्लॉग देख कर मैंने सोचा कि मैं अपने को इस रोम... more...
The Surrender
Posted on: Jul 17, '11, 1:24 pm   |   8 Comment(s)
We do not surrender when we loose a battle. We surrender when the leadership looses the will to continue the battle. Precisely this ... more...

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Posted on: February 16, '15

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