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46, Male, Pune, India

Member since  : Sep 18, 2007
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Discovering self

About me :
I am a simple person from the hills who tries to enjoy the roller coaster that life is. I am married with a great son (who is 11 now) and a loving wife. I am paid to think, strategise, train,implement and I enjoy doing that..... I love reading, and I always thought that one day i will write as well..It makes me happy.... I am intensely private and I would perhaps never put up photographs or personal tidbits on fropper..but my friends do get to know works slowly. To know more about my blogs..every blog of mine has bits of me......

Interest & Hobbies :
Reading and travelling are two things that I enjoy the most. For me its a must to read something everyday.

Favorite Books & Authors :
The Alchemist The Godfather The Da Vinci Code Jekyll and Hyde All books of Jeffery Archer Coma The Harrry Potter Series Wuthering Heights Treasure Island All books by Ruskin Bond like " The Young Vagrants" etc. Still enjoy the The Famous Five Series of Enid Blyton.... Some books of Sudha Murthy

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Discovering faith
Posted on: Apr 24, '11, 8:53 pm   |   10 Comment(s)
I try to discover myself. It seems like a mystery so enchanting which had me enticed since childhood, playing hide and seek often. I... more...
Bangalore and more...
Posted on: Dec 22, '10, 9:54 pm   |   11 Comment(s)
The city that fascinates me is Bangalore. Was there yesterday. Such a clean blend of old and new. Sometimes I feel that the old seem... more...

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Posted on: October 24, '14

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