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40, Male, Mumbai, India

Member since  : Sep 13, 2006
Last visit  : Mar 3, 2011

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by beautyluv1121
Nice to meet you,
My name is Mrss hester, i saw your email profile in and i was conviced to contact you. I have something very confidential and important i want to confide in you, i want you to reply this email if your email is still valid for more details here is my id (  )

Awaits your reply soonest

Posted on: June 21, '17

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Posted on: April 10, '17

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by jamesCap2017
those special momories of you
will always bring a smile
if only I cud have you back
for just a little while.
Then we cud sit n talk again
just like we used to do
you always meant so very much
and always will do too
the fact that you're no longer here
will always cause me pain,
but you're forever in my heart
until we meet again

Posted on: April 09, '17

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by jamesCap2017
with courage you will dare
to take risks,
have the strenght  to be
and wisdom to be humble.
courage is the foundation of
Courage is like a muscle
is strenghtened by use.

Posted on: April 08, '17

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by jamesCap2017
happiness is a choice

nothing will make you happy,
until you chose to be happy.

no person will make you happy,
unless you decide to be happy.

happiness will not come to you,
it comes from you !!!

Posted on: April 07, '17

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Posted on: April 07, '17

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by jamesCap2017
some people are meant to
fall in love
with each other
but not meant to
be togather

Posted on: March 25, '17

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by aniketSAG2012
Good Morning friends,

Make it a habit to tell people thank you.

Appreciating someone does not make you less important or inferior. Your words of appreciation reveal your humble and generous nature. By appreciating others, your value does not depreciate! On the contrary, you look good in the eyes of others.



Posted on: March 19, '17

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by aniketSAG2012
My friendship is like an onion

which has many layers in it.

It’ll add taste to your life but if

you try to cut it, you will have

tears in your eyes.

Hv a nice day

Take care


Posted on: March 18, '17

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by aniketSAG2012
Ek Dua Mangte hai hum apne Bhagwan se

Chahte hai aapki khushi pure imaan se

Sab hasratein puri ho aapki

Aur aap muskaraye dilo jaan se

Have a good day


Posted on: March 16, '17

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