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70, Male, Mumbai, India

Member since  : May 22, 2008
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Life is truth and is God. Ego stops flowing truth. know this fact every momt and be free of it.

About me :
i am a simple human.  However, it becomes necessary for friends to know something abt me; "i am a retired person worked in HR as manager of employee-benefits. Human, mind, and the spirit behind all are my subjects of interest and thinking. As a human i am still a trying man only.

if we wish to keep our family and society out of problem, we must first and try every day to keep our minds pure and sane as much as we can. If an individual is happy and peaceful, he will be helpful making others happy and peaceful. This social site is a good platform to be in contact with like-minded friends  worldwide. If this opportunity is used really in a positive way, a marvel of happiness and peace of mind can happen. 

My attempt to be a good human will end-up only with stroke of last breath.  i have no any personal purpose of coming on Fropper except telling truth that life is really beautiful, please do not let any moment unheeded, try to be in awareness and you will be happy and peaceful.

Love and best regards to all.

Interest & Hobbies :

I have spiritual bent so, i am used to be in constant learning about life by living with what is; meditation, self knowing, writing, experiencing truth of living, reading good books are my hobbies and also Vipassana Meditation.I write diary, some thoughts that naturally come to me from universe; it happens to every one if and when the mind is calm and serene.Normally i write original, but sometimes take concise form from books and put it in different way.

Favorite Music & Artists :

  Prakash, the inner light, the knowing.


Favorite Books & Authors :
J. Krishna Murthy, Swami Vivekaannda, Osho, Aurbindo, Pujya Mota, Gurdiff, Khalil Jibran,Upanishdas Philosophy, swami Muktnanda and the best book is living the life by awareness.

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :

thanks and regards
Love and compassion.
Human being

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Posted on: Jun 08, '16, 10:52 am   |   3 Comment(s)
In a remote town of India there lived a professional sculptor who created incomparable sculptors. Somehow due to his spiritual behav... more...

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