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30, Male, Bangalore, India

Member since  : Jul 5, 2008
Last visit  : Jul 25, 2016

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About me :
Hello Friends, Iam Harsha here.28 years of age and Telecommunication engineer by profession.Working for MNC in bangalore.Iam also a student of photography and Fine Arts.

Interest & Hobbies :
Picnics,long distance motorbike riding,reading adventures novels, Getting together with friends,swimming and cardriving is of my greatest interest. Ofcourse, I enjoy more time with my painting and photography work.This is my special interest and hobby.

Favorite Music & Artists :
Karnatic vocals :M.S.Subbulakshmi,KJ Yesudas, Sentimental Hits :Kishore Kumar, Hidustani clasicals :Bhimsenjoshi, Shehnoi :Ustad Bismillakhan, Gazals :Pankaj Udas

Favorite Books & Authors :
There are many books of social and adventuruous novels which I can not list here.

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
Most of the old movies of 1970s, 80s and 90s

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Posted on: April 11, '16

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by TiwariMinan
    JAI MATA DI       
The Nine Nights Of This Navaratri
Brings Grace, Love, Joy And Fun.
Let The Prayer And Arti Be Sung
Dandiya Ras, And Garba Be Done.
Wish You And Yours Happy Navaratri

Everyone please,hear loud and clear
becdause of Dandiya Ras & Garba, I lost few pounds,
WoOoo HoOoo hahaha,  lalalalala, looking good

Posted on: October 18, '15

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by TiwariMinan
JAI MATA DI Maa Durga blessings be yours,
Now leave me alone, this year Its my turn fasting
all nine days of Navratri, Not eating anything,mrs.tiwari
and ours both the girls are taking care of Puja,Garba,and
Dandi Ras at the temple, Blessed Navratri

wait,wait, correction, mrs.tiwari & ours girls saying
minan just fast for one day and we will all take turns,
WoOoo HoOo !! Now I am happy, hahahaha, lalalalla

Posted on: October 14, '15

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Posted on: September 21, '15

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by Nalindas

जो पति अपनी बीबी से डरते है 

वो स्वर्ग में जाते है 

और जो नहीं डरते उनके लिए 

धरती ही स्वर्ग समान है 

Sweet Zone Hit...   


Posted on: September 03, '15

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by Nalindas

एक पहचान हज़ारो दोस्त बना देती हैं, 
एक मुस्कान हज़ारो गम भुला देती हैं 
ज़िंदगी के सफ़र मे संभाल कर चलना 
एक ग़लती हज़ारो सपने जला कर राख देती है 

Sweet Zone Hit......

Posted on: August 25, '15

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by Sada_Sadha
"Life is too ironic to fully understand..
It takes sadness to knw wat happiness is,
noise to appreciate silence
absence to value presence.

Posted on: August 25, '15

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by Sada_Sadha
"Speak in Such a way that others love to Listen to You.,,And Listen in Such a way that others love to Speak to You."

Posted on: August 24, '15

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by Sada_Sadha
Bad attitude is just like bad engine oil
the longer you keep it running through your system,
more damage it does to your drive.

Posted on: August 23, '15

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by Sada_Sadha
True Lines-"Don't expect a perfect love from any of your close ones...
Just show them what it is..."

Posted on: August 22, '15

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