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56, Male, New Delhi, India

Member since  : Aug 17, 2008
Last visit  : Jun 24, 2018

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A li'l about me & my interests

About me :
I am a down to earth loving and jovial person who enjoys life as it comes.

Interest & Hobbies :
I love to travel, reading, making new friends and also have interest in Astrology.

Favorite Music & Artists :
Old songs especially sung by Kishor Kumar, Lata Mangeshkar, Mukesh Kumar.

Favorite Books & Authors :
Mushi Prem Chand

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan, Amir Khan, all Khans & among heroines Kajol, Krishma, Maduri Dixit.

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by MAS00MA

Posted on: June 24, '18

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by MAS00MA

Posted on: June 24, '18

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by MAS00MA

Posted on: June 24, '18

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by MAS00MA

Posted on: June 24, '18

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by MAS00MA
Good noon 

Today's Ehsaas...

is not when we start
speaking big things.

IT is ;
when we start
small things...!!! 

Friendly hit for your zone.
Be happy always...
Keep smiling n shining..!

Posted on: June 12, '18

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by MAS00MA
Silsila ye chalta raha hai
Aur chalta rahega..
Har ek SURAJ jo uga hai
Yun hi dhalta rahega..!

Posted on: June 08, '18

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by MAS00MA
Fropper Foes N Toes ((~_^))
Got a shocking news, that
Our great friend Girish ji
He was also known as
Guru ji and Yogi ji 
He was 'The Lion' of the fropper.
9 years ago, when I was new to fropper,
Was scared of his Roarrr N Grrriiinnn.
But later came to know that
He was a gentle soul.

It is unbelieve
that a Lion, so lively
is no more..!
We won't hear 
his Roar and Grrrin
any more...!! 😢
May his soul
rest in peace🕯

Posted on: June 07, '18

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by MAS00MA

Ye bhi gulshan ki
cheez hain saahab,

Khud ko khaaro'n se
kyun bachaate ho..!

If we desire to blossom
like a rose in the garden,
then we must learn
the art of adjusting
with the thorns..!


Posted on: June 02, '18

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by MAS00MA
On the canvas of life
we often go off color 👤

But as long there are
special people to add
 the right shades, 🎨
Life goes on to be..
a rainbow.  🌈

A BIG thanks 🙏🏻
to all those special people 
who add 🤹🏻‍♀ 🤹🏻‍♂
the right shades 
on my canvas..! 🌄🖌

Love you all.. 🤗😘👍🏻
May God bless you..😇

Posted on: June 01, '18

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by MAS00MA
Very good evening

Quote Of The Day:
Be Good & True To Your Own Self

Tum achchha karo aur
zamana tum ko bura samjhe
Yehi tumhare haq mein behtar hai.
bajaaye iske ki, tum bura karo aur
zamana tum ko achchha samjhe.

May Allah help us to be good
and true to our own selves, Aameen!

Refreshing Hit for ur zone;
May Allah bless you!

Posted on: May 26, '18

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