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56, Male, Chennai, India

Member since  : Sep 14, 2006
Last visit  : Apr 30, 2018

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King-Bulls-Ring's zone
 MY HITS! 1884

Friendly, humorous, stubborn RajaTaurus lives here... Wishing you all a pleasant stay...

About me :
  • He lives life as it comes to him. He believes in Power of Now. He lives a day at a time.
  • He is simple, plain, straight forward, friendly and home loving.
  • He is humorous and fun loving too.
  • He can take a lot and gets hurt rarely. But once hurt, he's gone. You will never see him again.
  • He loves music, good food, forests, mountains, gardens, wild animals, birds.
  • If he is your friend, he will be there when you need.
  • He is very choosy on his friends, but once his Friend, is Friend For Ever.

Want to know what a Great friend of mine has to say about me..??? KLIK

Interest & Hobbies :
  • Analyzing behavior patterns based on Zodiac Sun signs tops the list.
  • Study of ancient Tamil civilization is another field of interest.
  • Psychology is favorite part time.
  • Hobbies -. Relaxing in my home in Chennai, preferably alone, with Coffee-TV-Snacks.
  • Playing with kids hours and hours is another hobby.
  • Photography - with my Pentax-SLR. (These days Digitals are no comparison to SLRs).
  • Singing at home old Tamil numbers of TMS and SPB.

Favorite Music & Artists :
  • Music.. Favorite - P Suseela and K.S.Chitra. - Their melodies accompany him wherever he goes. After hard day's work, few minutes in the car soothe him, he reaches home calm and quiet.
  • Old songs fascinate him. New songs scare him away.
  • Sometimes drowns himself in TMS / P.Suseela's old saddies.

Favorite Books & Authors :
  • Fan of Science Fictions - Fredrick Forsyth, Jeffry Archer, Wilbur Smith, Robert Ludlum and lately Dan Brown.
  • Ardent fan of Eckhart Tolle. "Power of Now" gave me directions to enlightenment.

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
  • He loves good act, paintings, dance. -  Favorites - Sivaji Ganesan, Nagesh, Devika in oldies and Ajith and Laila in newbies are favorites.
  • Loves Malayalam movies with Comedy and strong storyline. - Favorites - Mammmooty, Manju Variyar.
  • But, noone can beat Tom and Jerry. He can sit hours watching 'em. Laughing himself out everytime he is with 'em...

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Boat ride in Kerala...
Posted on: May 26, '13, 3:42 pm   |   4 Comment(s)
My recent trip to Thiruananthapuram.Boat ride in Kerala, turned out to be an exciting experience. Here is what I captured...www.yout... more...
Bitten by the Beehive...
Posted on: Apr 07, '13, 9:35 am   |   1 Comment(s)
Narendra Modi has been a decent politician until he was within his state and as he jumps the national arena, he has started sounding... more...

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by aniketSAG2012
Monsoon rain OR Summer heat

You are the reason I breathe,

Tell me dear what is sweet?

Is that you OR your heart that beat.

Hv a nice day

Take care


Posted on: April 30, '17

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Posted on: March 21, '17

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by writer2001
good  evening  have  a  fine  week

Posted on: February 23, '15

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Posted on: February 11, '15

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