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34, Male, Bangalore, India

Member since  : Sep 30, 2013
Last visit  : Jul 20, 2018

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hi i am madhavan a nice person .i respect friendship

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by MAS00MA
Shubh sandhya
Kisi ki muskurahatonpe ho nisar
Kisi ka dard mil saketo le udhar
Kisi ke waaste ho tere dil mein pyar
Jeena isee ka naam hai..!!

Muskurata hua hit
Sada khush rahein..!

Posted on: July 01, '18

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by MAS00MA

Posted on: June 26, '18

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by MAS00MA
Aaine ki tarha
hoti hai ye zindagi..
Aap muskuraiye,
ye bhi muskura degi..!! 


Posted on: June 26, '18

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by MAS00MA
Silsila ye chalta raha hai
Aur chalta rahega..
Har ek SURAJ jo uga hai
Yun hi dhalta rahega..!

Posted on: June 08, '18

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by MAS00MA
Fropper Foes N Toes ((~_^))
Got a shocking news, that
Our great friend Girish ji
He was also known as
Guru ji and Yogi ji 
He was 'The Lion' of the fropper.
9 years ago, when I was new to fropper,
Was scared of his Roarrr N Grrriiinnn.
But later came to know that
He was a gentle soul.

It is unbelieve
that a Lion, so lively
is no more..!
We won't hear 
his Roar and Grrrin
any more...!! 😢
May his soul
rest in peace🕯

Posted on: June 07, '18

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by MAS00MA
Resentment and grudges are things
we dare not collect in our spirits,
for they will spoil and rot,
producing poison
that will contaminate our words
as well as our actions.
- Rick Orrell

Posted on: June 04, '18

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by swetha34c
9th padikumbode marriage paniachu dear

Posted on: March 23, '18

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by neha_2012
“Be slow to fall into friendship; but when thou art in, continue firm & constant.”’

How are you ? Happy Holi.

All the best


Posted on: March 12, '17

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by TRUE_friend1117
Sub: Take Care

“Care is the sweetest form of love.

so when anyone says, ‘Take care’,

It is as good as saying, I will keep

you in my heart till it is very last


Have a nice day

Take care


Posted on: March 06, '17

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by Rajesh65CAP

Posted on: March 05, '17

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