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64, Male, Mumbai, India

Member since  : Dec 18, 2011
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The way to my heart is thru my stomach.

About me :
I am Chiktu.

Thought I should tell you my disgusting habit
Is to tease those I like, and to make them angry at height
Light hearted leave and show their face no more
Lion hearted stick with me till all my patience wore.

Think not my friend Fret not, to any end
Whether the changes come or not
Whether the roses bloom or not
When the Sun rises as usual you know
The light will shower us before the cock will crow.

No one knows how, the darkness envelopes
The thinking minds always before the hope falters
The chirping sparrows may not notice the light alter
Only the cramps in the stomach hints some action to muster

I am tall, tan and healthy man,
I exercise daily or whenever I can.
My heart is vast like ocean blue,
Holding lovely emotions vast but true.

I like poems more that I write,
They display my disposition and my true nature bright.
When I follow my interests vast,
often think I would like companions to last.

I read every thing that I get
Finished libraries all around they set
Like that Sikandar I keep crying
There isn’t much left for reading

When I seen this lovely site,
Thought loneliness flee n the feelings are right.

I try my hand at blogs often.
Try to be honest with truth soften
With humor and fun and jokes and such.
I often try and project much.

Occult and suspense and other such aspects.
I tried with zeal and succeeded with respect.
I believe in God who in his turn
Believes in me also in return.

A wife and daughter who try their best
To preach and teach me the life and its quest.
Head of my family when allowed by wife.
Try to remain cool always in any strife.

Interest & Hobbies :
Lots of interests, especially in opposite sex and intelligent ppl.

Favorite Music & Artists :
All catchy tunes and The greatest artist Subodh, I listen to all his music and dance to his tunes.

Favorite Books & Authors :
All the authors who brave us with their books. And all the books that depict reality, fairy tales, tragedies, comedies, romance, do it yourself books, computer technology related and unrelated to all above.

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
Actresses: All.
Directors: Some but not those who direct dumb serials.

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