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66, Male, Amravati, India

Member since  : Sep 25, 2008
Last visit  : Apr 25, 2017

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About me :
I Wish I Knew... I wish I knew what passion felt like, To wake up and feel the passion to be happy and to love. Passion is the eagerness to wake up with the light. And passion is what fights the dark every night. I don%u2019t think I have ever known true passion, But that wont stop me from seeking it like an impossible mission. To search for the one that will show me that, True passion is what life%u2019s really about. Rana Jairaj Yadav, Amravati(INdia)

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Posted on: Feb 05, '11, 3:05 pm   |   2 Comment(s)
LOVE - THE EXPLANATION Love is a feeling, That churns up the insides There’s no reason Nobody knows why But love is addictive ... more...
A Story to be Told ...
Posted on: Feb 05, '11, 3:01 pm   |   0 Comment(s)
A Story to be Told Silent days, lonely nights and thoughts of you are all I have. For being close to you is only a dream that I know... more...

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