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36, Male, Palghat, India

Member since  : Sep 3, 2009
Last visit  : Dec 10, 2017

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Hi, Life is beautiful, So think positive be happy dear’s!!!!!

About me :
Hoi, Asalamu Alaikum,
I am Shahulhameed M from Palghat, Kerala, India,

Why'd we let go and let it end,
When we promised to stay friends
Sitting alone I wonder why,
You left me here without a goodbye
Somewhere inside I guess I knew,
That it was a part of you
Now I sit all alone,
No more late-night chats on the phone
Maybe you thought it was too much to see,
The ending of friendship between you and me,
But if you get blue,
or scared
Just reach out to me,
I'm still there!!!!!

Interest & Hobbies :
Music, Reading, Photography, Chatting, Writing and Travelling

Favorite Music & Artists :
All type of songs, Allah Rakha Rahman

Favorite Books & Authors :
All type of books and all good authors

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
All, All & All

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My ezBlog posts [ 24 ]

Those who are all using Lap Top Must read!!!!!
Posted on: Jul 25, '10, 6:51 am   |   41 Comment(s)
Dear Friends, Please pass on it to your near and dear ones, Advance Thanx for the read and forward, Always yours Shahul with ... more...
!!!!!Financial Aid for Students Education!!!!!
Posted on: Jun 11, '10, 5:28 pm   |   40 Comment(s)
!!!!!Financial Aid for Students Education!!!!! Dear all, If you have come across any bright students coming from poor... more...

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by swity8500
( name is Miss Pricilia Harrison Granger Pls reply at my private email, so that i will send you my full datas of my self.(

Posted on: May 05, '15

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