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56, Male, CHENNAI, India

Member since  : May 11, 2011
Last visit  : May 30, 2011

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Shri_lotus's zone

Holistic Personal Health and Business Management Consultant.

About me :
Welcome viewers. I feel thankful to you. Myself is having experience about Spiritual sciences, different thoughts of economy, Business Management, Vethic Astrology, Yoga and Consulting for new ventures & developments of existing business. I am aged 49 have Physics,Commerce, Business Management, Indian Medicines, Integrated medicines, Computer science & information management etc on the list of my studies. I have worked and offered consultancy mostly ON all domains of Business Management process including policy planning,strategy, productivity, cost effectiveness, profitability, business morale, working ethics, infor mgmt, HR trg , Leadership programs & Time management . God and My Guruji have cured so many critical health problems thru my suggestions. I thank God and The Public who understand me well and supporting my Philanthrophic services over 15 years. I respect and Pray for the wellness of My Consultancy Clients & Patients. Thank you. JAIGURUDHEV.

Interest & Hobbies :
Yoga, Meditation , Public Education, Public health and Spiritual services.

Favorite Music & Artists :
Mostly Devotional and Indian Classicals such as Carnatic devotional & Bhajans. A little film songs.

Favorite Books & Authors :
Mostly all types of Books which are constructively usefull for the healthy , contructive, productive & peacefull life of Humanity.

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
Movies that make me happy according to the mood. Mostly Spiritual stories.Comedy is interesting to every body but people are laughing on the fall of some one.Highlighting Foolishness is the comedy at present. I welcome intelligent comedies .

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Fropper Team
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