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53, Male, Mumbai, India

Member since  : Jun 8, 2008
Last visit  : Feb 11, 2018

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tidymess / tidymess

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About me :
Living & Loving Life... Spontaneous, Moody, Listener, Walk in the Rains, Candle-light, Soft Music, Hard Work, Passionate, Demanding, a continuous state of discovering...

Interest & Hobbies :
Reading, Writing, Photography, Cooking, Eating, Sports, Collecting Unicorns...and a thing or two, which I don't want to list here.

Favorite Music & Artists :
Nothing is permanent...Soft Music, Instrumentals/Sax, Ghazals, Western Country, (quite a few) Hindi/Tamil Movie Songs... Uriah Heep, Jonh Denver, Kenny G, J&C, AJ, PU, ARR...

Favorite Books & Authors :
Science Fiction, Espionage, Humour, Mystries... Asimov, Clarke, Ludlum, James Herbert, Frank Herbert, P. G. Wodehouse

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
Quite a Few...

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Posted on: Jan 20, '11, 8:34 pm   |   1 Comment(s)
Even from a distance and in the sea of moving humanity, all in disciplined serpentine queues, he stood out. He was of average height... more...
...what a soup!
Posted on: Aug 22, '10, 1:38 pm   |   4 Comment(s)
I know as much about what I am about to write as much as Stephen Hawkings might know about making 'muligatwani' soup. But when has t... more...

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