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27, Female, New Delhi, India

Member since  : Mar 18, 2015
Last visit  : Jan 11, 2017

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Residential Moving Made Easy with Specialized Moving Company in Pune
Posted on: Jan 11, '17, 1:17 pm   |   0 Comment(s)
Shifting and shifting is a tedious and hectic activity it involves many jobs simultaneously. when is changing locally then he can t... more...
How to Approach Affordable Packers and Movers for International Shift
Posted on: Jan 10, '17, 12:49 pm   |   0 Comment(s)
International shifting has become a common phenomenon with present context of living. People are now moving unhesitant to foreign l... more...

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by mehindra1966
................. :princess..............: ..!!

Posted on: January 09, '17

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Posted on: January 09, '17

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Posted on: January 09, '17

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Posted on: January 09, '17

Chat Now Online

by jigu70

Posted on: January 09, '17

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by pappugen

Posted on: April 07, '16

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Posted on: March 30, '16

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by bantyNCR

Posted on: November 26, '15

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by bantyNCR
“Hai Muskan Tere Honto Pe To,
Khushi Mere Dil Mein Hoti Hai,
Agar Dard Tere Dil Ko Ho To,
Aankhen Meri Roti Hai,
Tu Mehshoos Kar Ke To Dekh,
Dosti Aisi Hi Hoti Hai!”

Posted on: October 27, '15

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by bantyNCR
If I say hi u may say who this is.If I ask for chat. U may say why? 
If I ask u for a coffee.U may say what rubbish.If I say I liked Ur profile. U may say m flattering u.If I ask for friendship. U may say I m stranger. 
So can u please suggest me how to start with a new relation? 
Till u reply I m trying with request.

Posted on: October 17, '15

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