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48, Female, Chennai, India

Member since  : Sep 23, 2009
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My Glowing Green World!

Welcome to my Zone,a place that looks for niceties of life.

About me :

A Woman on the move, but has a small space only.Though tied to a cultural stake and brought up in a restrictive society, I do try to touch the sky. But I cant, for the sky never lend itself to be touched by a Woman. So, lemme try and try and try.

Interest & Hobbies :

Basically a homemaker, but most of the times I'd branch out either for reading or writing. Helping the needy in my own way is also part of my life.

Favorite Music & Artists :

I love both wetern n carnatic. While I would shake my legs to MJ's magical numbers, my heart melt when I  hear Jesudass sing'harivaraswanam'

Favorite Books & Authors :

From Shakespeare to Bal Thackery, I would read anything n everything in print.

Chat Lovers plz excuse me. I'm not your cuppa.

Please avoid sending friends request. Sorry!

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
All movies that uplift people's spirits and help them shape their characters.Life is a blend of Angel and Ape. And, when movies reflect life, they should orient themselves to Angels rather than to Apes.For, movies have the responsibility  of making the society good not ruining them.

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