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35, Male, Chennai, India

Member since  : Mar 10, 2007
Last visit  : Apr 21, 2015

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coolfriend21's zone
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Cool and Friendly Zone!!!

About me :
Friends usually find in me an Honest, interesting, trustable ally.

Relationship status: Single.
Orientation: Straight.

Interest & Hobbies :
I am an Avid Reader. Web surfing, Writing, Carroms, Nature watching, Interest and passion in alternative healing.

Favorite Music & Artists :
Like to listen songs that have meaningful/soulful lyrics.

Favorite Books & Authors :
Usually I don't set limits for book reading. Pacy Action Thrillers, Self-Development, Zen philosophy, Period books top my favourites.

Prisoner of Zenda, Call of the Man-Eater, The 100, The Alchemist, Thiru Nabi Charithram, Don Quixote, Gridlock are some of my favourites to name a few.

Currently reading 'The Chamber' by John Grisham or rather listening to the audio book :)

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
Movies: Avtar, 1971, HAHK, Kahaani, Tehzeeb, Redcliff to name a few. I quite like comedy movies these days :)

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Remembering math prodigy Shakuntala Devi
Posted on: Jun 29, '13, 9:30 pm   |   3 Comment(s)
The human computer, mental calculator, math whiz ---- shakuntala devi passed away early on sunday 21st, april, 2013 at 80.She holds ... more...
Ragging--- a menace
Posted on: Mar 20, '09, 9:00 pm   |   5 Comment(s)
It was heart wrenching to see a medico Aman Kachroo's life cut short and a 20 year old agricultural major student struggling for li... more...

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