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27, Female, sumner, USA

Member since  : Mar 12, 2009
Last visit  : Jul 21, 2009

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Do not always expect good to happen, but do not let evil take you by surprise

About me :
hi guys its silvia from USA, who is in search of a good & true friends

Interest & Hobbies :
I love Fashion Designing, Actually i m not indian but i love indian tradition. and i want a true indian friend.i mean not to say only indian friend.

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Posted on: May 26, '09, 4:28 pm   |   3 Comment(s)
If You Love Dogs, you are in the right place. Find all dogs care method,building house,how to read dogs mind,breds &how to recog... more...

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by favour1589
Greeting,my name is Favour, i am so happy to find your profile and i love what i see and i am so much interested in you,if you care please contact Me back through my private email address. ( or you send me your email address soon as you receive this massage i Also, have a proposition I think you would be interested in, i will also share my pictures with you,for you to know who i am,thanks yours new friend  Favour.

Posted on: October 12, '14

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