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39, Male, durgapur, India

Member since  : May 2, 2009
Last visit  : Jul 19, 2018

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by mayalike
*हर रात जान बूझकर रखता हूँ दरवाज़ा खुला…*
*शायद कोई लुटेरा मेरा गम भी लूट ले….*

Posted on: July 09, '18

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Posted on: June 21, '18

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Posted on: May 21, '18

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by Saloni1976
जलाये बैठी हुं जब से दिये मुंदरों पे,

हर एक शख्स हवा की ज़ुबान बोलता हे !

Posted on: May 19, '18

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by Saloni1976
जानता हे की आखिर में टुटना ही हे उसे,

दिल फीर एतबार करता हे चुर-चुर होने को !

Posted on: May 16, '18

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by selin4200
hello dear, i am Selina i will like us to be friend and to know more of you if you dont mind please write me in my email ( because i dont login here regularly, there we can communicate better and i will send you my photos and tell you about myself thanks i will be waiting for your mail.

Posted on: May 15, '18

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by Saloni1976
मय-ख़ाना-ए-हस्ती का जब दौर ख़राब आया

कुल्लड़ में शराब आई पत्ते पे कबाब आया

Posted on: April 22, '18

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by NipaS87

Posted on: March 21, '18

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by NipaS87

Posted on: March 21, '18

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by mehindra1966
Good evening. .......

Posted on: February 02, '18

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