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45, Male, New Delhi, India

Member since  : Aug 30, 2009
Last visit  : Jul 28, 2014

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About me :
A well educated; full of enthusiasm; full of warmth, both equally worldly and spiritual. Well known in my field of working, otherwise multi- dimensional.What I dislike the most is - the discrimination on bsais of caste,creed etc.I m here to search true and undrstanding; loving/ romantic; lively; good heart people for longlasting friendship whether less or well educated because mind and heart are the sole consideration, not the education.Liers pl keep away.

Interest & Hobbies :
meeting people; helping people to the best possible extent; like romantic and open minded female as dull females are burden for themselves since dullness brings burden and sickness; like sufi/spiritual and love songs; takes interest on any topic related to social, occult/mystery, spiritual, political discussions. likes beauty , fragrance and true speaking. None should add me as friend if not interested in chatting here since such behaviour brings deadlock in true friendship.

Favorite Music & Artists :
Mohd.Rafi, Lata, Suraiyya Begum, Noojahaan, Asha Bhosale and all Sufi Songs and Singers.

Favorite Books & Authors :
Philosophy, Law and history.

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
All Deshbhakti Films/Movies like Shahid Bhagat Singh, Love story movies like Taj Mahal and as all such can,t be described here and Art movies. Directors As A. R. Rahaman, B. R. Chopra etc.

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by Decent_Girl_Zone
Never hate people who are jealous of you, but respect their jealousy.
They're people who think that you're better than them.

Posted on: July 29, '14

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by Melo2013

Posted on: July 25, '14

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Posted on: March 09, '14

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Posted on: March 09, '14

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Posted on: March 09, '14

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Posted on: February 01, '14

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by gloria28
(  )
name is miss Gloria viewing and going through your profile address today
has made me to became interested in you,i will also like to know you
more,and i want you to send an email to my email address above.

Posted on: December 12, '13

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Posted on: June 27, '13

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by clarababy5687
Hi dear,how are you today?I would like to have a good conversation with you that will bear everlasting fruit to you,is very important my dear please contact me through my id( nice meeting you have lovely day.

Posted on: April 25, '13

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by desire2

Posted on: February 21, '13

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