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70, Male, New Delhi, India

Member since  : Jan 7, 2007
Last visit  : Mar 27, 2018

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earmarkedfortrouble's zone
 MY HITS! 29634

Mee NEVER speaks zee TRUTH; ANYTHING said afore this bee a LIE !!!!

About me :
March 31, 2008: ADIEU N GOODBYE to all those who 'Dictate';
Stay back and 'PARTICIPATE' bee zee Motto here!!!!

Who am I?

And where am Aiye'????
Aiye knows knot!!!!

Interest & Hobbies :
On the zee new  trail to the mountain peak; Or 20000 leagues under the sea!!

Favorite Music & Artists :
Any thing easy on the ears, irrespective of the language.

Favorite Books & Authors :
Meez autography, written by Mee on Meeself!

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
Earmarkedfortrouble ke karname!

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Hydrogen, the New Fuel
Posted on: Dec 03, '14, 7:06 pm   |   18 Comment(s)
Conventionally for over a century now, cars and automotives have been powered by Fossil fuels, read petrol, diesel, CNG, LPG etc.Th... more...
Posted on: Aug 21, '14, 5:38 am   |   17 Comment(s)
These here are a few, 24 in fact, tips on how to lead ones day-2-day life; kopy pasted from a zone calling itself 'Womansera's Zon... more...

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by Pagal-Bhoot
miss u...R
est in peace..

Posted on: June 16, '18

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by Valley_of_Roses




Posted on: June 11, '18

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by idont_hit_ipunch
May Your Soul REST IN PEACE uncle !!
will miss u...

Posted on: June 10, '18

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by Ashokzone2001

Posted on: June 09, '18

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by MAS00MA
You are the 'one trouble'
That would be dearly missed..! 😢

Now who will speak English like you?
Who will Roaarrr and Grrrrriiinnnn

May your gentle soul rest in peace 🕯

Posted on: June 07, '18

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by Perfect_Man10

Posted on: June 07, '18

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by GreenyTheGreat
“All our wisdom is stored in the trees.” 

Posted on: April 10, '18

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Posted on: April 05, '18

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by GreenyTheGreat
If you truly love nature,
you will find beauty everywhere.

Posted on: April 03, '18

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by idont_hit_ipunch
super shout-out

Posted on: April 01, '18

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