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56, Male, New Delhi, India

Member since  : Apr 14, 2007
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A li'l about me & my interests

About me :

I discover something new in myself, each n every day ... I feel, one keeps on discovering more and more .. till the end !  I'm otherwise... a simple, affectionate, fun loving person -who believes in living the life, to its fullest ... for me, this is the only life, I have got .... as neither I  believe in next birth nor I care what it is going to be like ! (and if at all there is something like next birth .... why on the hell ... this one should go waste ! ) I do believe in God but believe more in being practical and work oriented. I believe in 'Karma' theory.

Interest & Hobbies :
Music is my first love ! For me... firstly, its a stress buster- a way to live with music is my way of living and enjoying my life. I love all types of music - Old Hindi Songs sung especially by Mohammad Rafi, Talat Mehmood, Mukesh, Kishore Kumar, Manna Dey, Lata Mangeshkar and all those old timers ! Then depending on the mood and time ... I love ghazals sung by Jagjit Singh,  Enlgish slow and love numbers, punjabi songs and bhangra ....  punjabi being my mother tounge !  Yeh, music inspires me to live ! I feel, if there is no music in one's life .. it isn't worth living !

is what I love next, for I love to capture all happy and sad moments of life ...  as an acceptable fact of the God's gift to me.  Of course, I am a photo freek.

perhaps the best creation of the God ... I love mountains, water, lush green and lonely places !

Friends- yeh, by nature I want to have more and more friends ... but gel with people with a thought and healthy mind ... discussing anything under Sun is welcome, but I do feel, even friendship has got to have its limits. Don't like living into each others' life. Surely, the real trasure of life is the friends you are able to rely upon !

Favorite Books & Authors :
Though I don't find much of time to read, but love to read adventure, war and events ! Khushwant Singh is the author I love to read... whether in Books or Articles ... written here or there ! (I do find lot of similarities between mine and Khushwant Singh's thiking !) His books Burrial at Sea, Delhi - the novel, Train to Pakistan are a few of his good works. Coupple of books of Chetan Bhagat are some of interesting books I have recently read.

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
Not a movie going type ! Still, enjoy movies with a meaning and clear message ... entertaining and comedys,  I do love to go to cinema house, but most of the movies I watch on TV.

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A Lady's Point of View !
Posted on: Sep 21, '12, 10:00 pm   |   8 Comment(s)
Extracts from dairy of a Lady friend:After a meeting, I was coming out of the Hotel, I realised my car keys were not... more...
Posted on: Feb 27, '12, 4:55 pm   |   5 Comment(s)
A successful man is the one ... who can earn more money than his wife can spend ! AND A successful woman is the one ... who ... more...

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by Rosine205
How are you doing,my name is Rosine smith From United States, write me in my email{ }
for better communication, so that i will send you my pictures, i have something important i want to discuss with you

Posted on: July 04, '17

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by Love_N_Life
I woke up 
This morning 
I realised that.
make Life interesting.
Overcoming them 
Makes Life 

Posted on: June 29, '17

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by Love_N_Life
Can not change 
the TRUTH.
Truth always 
Change us.

Posted on: June 28, '17

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by Love_N_Life
Challenges in life come
in three categories

Those who take the easy way
have a safe and boring life;

those with difficult way
have a tought but satisfying life

and those taking the impossible way
are remembered forever.

Posted on: June 27, '17

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Posted on: May 15, '17

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Posted on: May 04, '17

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by Love_N_Life
Little faith says 
You can do it.

Big faith says 
You will do it.

Great faith says 
It is done
is impossible 
When you believe 

Posted on: April 29, '17

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by Kopal1990
Every person, all the events of your life

are there because you have drawn them

there. What you choose to do with them

is upto you.


Posted on: April 29, '17

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by Love_N_Life
We must be hurt 
in order to GROW.
We must be fall 
in order to KNOW.
We must loose 
in order to GAIN
Some lessons 
are best learned 
through PAIN.

Posted on: April 28, '17

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Posted on: April 27, '17

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