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53, Male, Johannesburg, South Africa

Member since  : Dec 22, 2011
Last visit  : Jul 20, 2014

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knocknocknock's zone
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a momentous feeling out here... a zone for some deep contemplation

About me :
me, i'm a regular next door guy surviving in tis world. stimulation is a fundamental need of all beings - thus the visits here to eke out some virtual stimulations. 
if you had to ask me what my motto in life is, i'd probably respond 'live and let live', as i strive to ensure that my actions do not trample upon others rights.
life teaches us many lessons; the only pity is that many of these lessons dawn upon one after we've made the mistakes..... 
i'm endlessly fascinated at the edification of bloated egos that abound all around us & the seemingly desperate search only for those who would massage our egos - and the display of maha hostility to those who inadvertently trample the ego...
my take on life: strive for peace - coz peace, says Krishna to Arjun, is happiness....a pretty succinct definition of the word 'happiness', me thinks!
feel free, dear visitor, to leave a note here; will always strive to also note that i log on infrequently into this site - my responses would probably be in 'indian time'.

however, dear visitor, please bear with me if you send photos, videos and other inane copy-paste stuff to my msg box and i delete them without opening - especially the ones that give me the distinct impression that the 'author' does not have an iota of idea of the meaning of the post, or worse still, have the least intention of following the 'advice' presented. if you are not one of those in a race to post many posts, if you have a good blog that is new and ORIGINAL and one that doesn't eat up massive bandwidth with irrelevant images that have zero correlation to the subject matter, then i eagerly look forward to participating therein.

Interest & Hobbies :
.i guess it may be cool to state that this is my principal hobby in life; but truth be told, i strive to operate from the seat of intellect and emotion, the head and the heart respectively, even though us men are, rightly or otherwise, accused of having the brain located in the nether regions of the anatomy. for me reading and music would have to hold the pride of place in this category. there are other interests, but they are not 'sexy' enough to afford a mention here.....

Favorite Music & Artists :
fav music - genres that do not equate to noise pollution. kinda sold on classical sound frequencies - but do have a healthy ear for rock and its various equivalents

Favorite Books & Authors :
i'm still enamoured by classical literature; i'd read anything (propoganda strictly forbidden). these days science and philosophy seems to provide great titillation although i do enjoy some fiction now and then. i'm also an avowed student of the b gita. everytime i read this immense treatise, i glean new meanings.

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
great fan of tinsel world, especially desi fare - but not a follower of celebs. the nonsense emanating from bollywood and its sister counterparts in the south has often helped to assuage loneliness. now that anushka sharma gal...hmmmmm

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by grace478
Please sir i am humbly asking you to write me direct to my email address( )I have important something to tell you‏

Posted on: July 19, '15

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