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32, Male, New Delhi, India

Member since  : Mar 28, 2008
Last visit  : Apr 17, 2015

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maan101's zone
 MY HITS! 9806 duniya mein koi kisi ka nahin hota.....""".self love is true love"""

About me :
"""khusboo ko phailne ka shauk to hai mgar"""
          """mumkin nhin hwaon se dosti kiye bagair"""

now i wll tell u about me...

""" """" """" """" """" """" """"" """"" """"" """""
to make me friend and u should know tht
    i want frnz who r really here for making frnzz
         and not for making frnzz only for increasing their frnzz list......

 I hate lie.. and hate liars the most....

 i just cant bear liars...

okk so if u really wanna b frnd of me thn
i m a gud/ right person for ur frndship.... know my attiude towards life.... just read below

             THIS IS MY LYFE

                 For all of life is
        like the race
       with ups and downs and all
       And all you have to do to win
       is rise each time you fall

    They still shout on my face
    But another voice within me says,

Interest & Hobbies :
i m belive in "enjoy uor every moment of life" Listen good musics......i m do everything for HAPPY,,,,,n main apne frnds ko hamesha khush dekhna chahta hu,,,,,,,,.........

Favorite Music & Artists :
Gzals ....... like "jagjit singh" . "A.R.rahman"

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
all movies that related from "LOVE"

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Love to beloved
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Rafi / Sonu ...
Members: 324

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my fav shayri from many years.... hope u also like this one... this is very near to my heart...
Posted on: Aug 23, '10, 8:27 pm   |   16 Comment(s)
kitabo ke panno ko palat kr sochta hu,yu palat jaye meri zindgi to kya baat hai,khawabo mein roj milta hai jo,hakikat mein mil jaye ... more...

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by Shashia2001
Aap Din Me Us Shaks Se 10 Bar Bat Kro
Jisse Bat Krne Me Aap Ko Khusi Milti H
Lekin Us Shaks Se Bhi 1 Bar Bat Kiya Kro Jisko Aap Se Baat Krne Me Khusi Milti H.

Posted on: October 26, '15

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by Sada_Sadha
I Was Not Born Experienced
The Hard Realities,
Deceiving Natures,
Broken Promises,
Double Faces,
Attractive Words,
Melting Emotions,
Lovely Feelings,
Harsh Truths,
Bitter Behaviors,
Loving Attitude,
Ignoring Acts,
Multi Standards
& False Statements.
These All Taught Me
What Is Experience

Posted on: April 18, '15

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by Sada_Sadha
Very effective lines:1."Adjustment is always better than Argument"
2."A meaningful silence is better than meaningless words"

Posted on: April 17, '15

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by Sada_Sadha
Ego is just like dust in the eyes !!
without clearing dust
u cant c anything clearly !!
So clear ego and c d world !!

Posted on: April 16, '15

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by Sada_Sadha
Relations are not an Exam to Pass or Fail,
or its not a Competition to Win or Lose.
Its a Feeling You Care for Someone More than Yourself.

Posted on: April 15, '15

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by suru_thecancer
जनाब मत पूछिए हद हमारी गुस्ताखियों की ,हम आईना ज़मीं पर रखकर आसमां कुचल दिया करते है ।

Posted on: March 22, '15

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by Sada_Sadha
We always feel bad
think that good things
happen only to others
But we forget that we
are others for someone else. 

Posted on: February 16, '15

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by Sada_Sadha
Be bold when you loose & be calm when you win.

Posted on: February 15, '15

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by Sada_Sadha
If a problem can be solved no need to worry about it. If a problem can not solved what is the use of worrying.

Posted on: February 14, '15

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by Sada_Sadha
Never look 4 Beauty, It will fade away1day. 
Never look 4 good Skin, it will grow old1day. 
But look 4 a loyal heart 
which will Miss U Everyday!!.. . . 

Posted on: February 13, '15

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