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50, Male, rotterdam, Netherlands

Member since  : May 10, 2015
Last visit  : May 25, 2017

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new shout -out... Coming soon to India..........

About me :
i am mehindra , married and have one child . i visited India in 2015. I enjoyed. I have seen Mumbai, New Delhi and Uttarakhand . Very beautiful places / peoples .

Interest & Hobbies :
my interest are in music ,films,tv , reading , cars .

Favorite Music & Artists :
favorites : mukesh, kishore kumar and instrumental tunes. udit narayan and more

Favorite Books & Authors :
no special

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :
actor : Big B movie : sholay

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Posted on: May 27, '17

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by aniketSAG2012
Bell give us tinkles, fountains give us sprinkle,

crying gives us wrinkles and smile give us

dimples. Keep Smiling.

Have a nice day

Take care


Posted on: May 27, '17

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by jigu70

Posted on: May 27, '17

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by Love_N_Life
Time is always 
With the people 
Who have 
The courage to fly.

Not wit the people 

Who stand 
On the ground 
Watch the sky.

Posted on: May 27, '17

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by Nalini87

मास्टर जी : मुहावरे का अर्थ बताओ 

“सांप की दुम पर पैर रखना”

स्टूडेंट : पत्नी को मायके जाने से रोकना !

मास्टर जी समझ नही पा रहे हैं कि  

इतनी गहरी जानकारी इन्हें कैसे हुई!!


Posted on: May 27, '17

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by Hina1890

c(”"”) c(”"”)
   “”"‘     “”"‘   

Good Morning India.  


Wish You Happy Weekend  


What is the difference between 

Stupid and idiot? 

Stupid will delete this joke. 

Idiot will forward this joke. 

Ha ha, what will you do now? 


Posted on: May 27, '17

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by Sumi753


     अच्छे लोगो का     
     हमारी जिन्दगी में आना   
     वह हमारी किस्मत होती है    
     पर उन्हें संभालकर रखना हमारा असुल   


 इनसान तो 

 हर घर में पैदा होते हे.... 

 बस इनसानियत 

 कही कही जनम लेती है.. 



Posted on: May 26, '17

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by MayaK32
Ada Se Dekh Lo

Jaata Rahe Gila Dil Ka,

Bas Ek Nigaah Pe Thehra Hai

Fainsla Dil Ka….

Posted on: May 26, '17

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by AmiP33
Attitude To Hum

Marne Ke Baad Bhi Dikhayenge…
Duniya Paidal Chalegi

Aur Hum Kandho Par.

Posted on: May 26, '17

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by DeepaliV25
Good afternoon
Wish you a very charming weekend
Salute  of the day
Warm regards


Posted on: May 26, '17

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Love u all......