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28, Male, Mumbai, India

Member since  : Jul 25, 2010
Last visit  : Jun 2, 2014

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musicjunkies's zone
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♥WeLcOmE To mA MuSiCaL ZoNe♥

About me :

<( )'
,,J L,,
HmhMhm....LeT mE ThInK aBuT mAsElF !!!
A BrIeF DiScRiPtIoN AbOuT Me...
FrIeNdLy, CrAzY, KeWl, HoNeSt, AtTiTuDe, UnIqUe, KiNdHeArTeD , NaUgHtY, FuN, LoViNg, rOcKiNg
Im a pReMiUm.....!!
Im nOt PeRfEcT...!!
Nd i wOrK ToO
Im pReTtY MuCh a mUsIc jUnKiE
i CaNt lIv wItHoUt mA GuItAr..!!
YeP i aCt lIkE A BiG KiD MoSt oF ThE TiMe ;]
Im rOmAnTiC At hEaRt..!! I CaN Be bRuTaLlY HoNeSt..!! Yu kNw yU GeT To kNoW Me..!! SoMe tHiNgS In lIfE DoNt nEeD An iNtRoDuCtIoN ..!!SoMe tHiNgS In lIfE DoNt nEeD An eXpLaInAtIoN ..!! M DaT AsPeCt oF LiFe..WhIcH U'Ll lUv 2 gEt aDdIcTeD 2..!! AnD ThTs wAt iM HeRe… SmArT, HoNeSt, eXtRoVeRt, hUmOrOuS Nd vIcTiM Of lIfE
♥ In sHoRt:-
♥ Im jUsT..?? Me!!

Interest & Hobbies :

LiStEnInG LoTs nD LoTs oF MuSiC, wAtChInG MoViEs, PlAyInG Ma gUiTaR Nd mAkInG GuD FrNdS ;]

Favorite Music & Artists :

♥ FaVoRiTe mUsIc♥
-rOcK, rAp, HiP-HoP, iNsTrUmEnTaL, r&b, AlTeRnAtIvE, bOlLyWoOd, BlUeS AnD OtHeRs-
♥ FaVoRiTe aRtIsTs♥
EmInEm, 50 cEnT, eNrIqUe iGlEsIaS, aKoN, nEyO, p-dIdDy, SwIzZ BeAtS, sAnTaNa, JhOn mAyEr, PiTbUlL, dRaKe, AeRoSmItH, tImBaLaNd aNd tHe lIsT GoEs oN N On HeHeHe…!!
♥ FaVoRiTe bAnDs♥
MeTtAlIcA, pInK FlOyD, lAmB Of gOd, SyStEm oF A DoWn, PoRcUpInE TrEe, ChIlDrEn oF BoDeM, iRoN MaIdEn, LiNkIn pArK, lImP BlIzKiT, cLoD PlAy, SlIpKnOt, NiRvAnA, rHcP AnD ThE LiSt gOeS On n oN HeHeHe...!!
I UsUaLlY DoNt hAv fAvOrItEs cOz mUsIc iS Ma lIfE

Favorite Books & Authors :

M NoT To mUcH InTo bOoKs, yEt i lIkE SoMe bOoKs tHoUgH wHiCh ArE :- ThE OrIgInAl sIn, ThE CuRiOuS CaSe oF BeNjAmIn BuTtOn, HaRrY PoTtEr sErIeS, ThReE PoInTs sOmEoNe AnD ThReE MiStAkEs oF My lIfE

Favorite Movies, Actors & Directors :

M ToTaLlY A MoViE BuFf, So i lUv tO WaTcH AlL KiNdA MoViEs  BuT TaLkIn aBuT FaVoRiTeS So sOmE Of tHeM r…
300, pErSuItE Of hApPiNeSs, P.S.- I LoVe yOu, A WaLk tO ReMeMbEr, WaNtEd (AnGeLiNa's oNe), lOrD Of tHe rInG SeRiEs, RoCkY SeRiEs, OcEaN ElEvEn - tWeLvE - ThIrTeEn, StEp uP SeRiEs, MaDaGaSaCaR, kUnG-Fu pAnDa, HaPpY FeEt, IcE-AgE SeRiEs, ThE HuRrIcAnE, 3-iDiOtS, iNcEpTiOn, ThE HuRt lOcKeR, tHe gOd fAtHeR SeRiEs, DiE HaRd sErIeS, tItAnIc, DeAd pOeT SoCiEtY, tHe bLaCk dIaMoNd, PeArL HaRbOr, AnD ThE LiSt gOeS On n oN

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Mother's Love...
Posted on: Sep 29, '11, 2:31 am   |   8 Comment(s)
This is a true story of Mother&rsquo;s Sacrifice during the Japan Earthquake. After the Earthquake had subsided, when the rescuers r... more...
Together we can help save precious lives...!!!
Posted on: May 13, '11, 12:11 pm   |   3 Comment(s)
A worried woman went to her gynecologist and said: 'Doctor, I have a serious pro...blem and desperately need your help! My baby is n... more...

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by TiwariMinan
Swarg se Maa Durga,Vaikunth se Vishnudev,
Kailash se Mahadev,Brahmlok se Brahmdev,
aur LosAngeles se tiwari family aap ko aur
aapke parivar ko Diwali Ki Shubhkamne Bhej Rahe Hai ..

Posted on: October 19, '14

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by TiwariMinan
  Mere pyare Bhaio,Oops Mere pyari Bhaino first
Gulshan ko kar rahi Mo’attar Hawa-e-Eid
Aata nahi kuch Nazar kuch b Siwaye Eid
Meri Taraf se Eid Mubarak ho Aap ko
Aur Aapke Parivar  Ko Bus Mere pass hai
Yehi Tohfaa Bara-e-Eid ....: Almighty Allah Blessings to all

Posted on: October 07, '14

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