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33, Male, Bhubaneswar, India

Member since  : May 2, 2008
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A li'l about me & my interests

About me :
Myself RAJIV, simple and sobber in nature always beleive the existance of the Suprime Power(God)and behind our every activities there is long hand working and that is his bless to us. Positive minded in nature and a strong beliver of Gandhian Philosophy of TRUTH & NON VIOLENCE. Though it is hard to practice but I stongly said that by this way one can and one must achive his/her target(goal). I have the view that hard work, sincierity, love to work and Punctuality is the key of every success. Open minded in nature and love to make friendship with like minded persons. If u fill any difficulity or in problematic situation think about his(almighty) presence and ask for help definitely u fill that someway ur problems are solve positively. Sharing ur sorrow become low and sharing ur joy become double,life is too short but make friendship longer. one thing very special about trust is:" I TRUST U" is a better compliment than "I LOVE U" because U may not always trust the person U love but u can always love the person U trust:-

Interest & Hobbies :
Reading intresting Books and watching TV

Favorite Books & Authors :

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